Can someone a thumbnail for Interstellar Showdown?

I made a song called “Interstellar Showdown” that’s on Soundcloud. Are there any artists out there willing to make a thumbnail image for Interstellar Showdown?

Thumbnail Description
  • Takes place in space obviously.
  • Angle from inside a space ship.
  • Space ship has open windows that allow for seeing the outer space outside.
  • Preferrably a 3D thumbnail.


Oh. I didn’t see the description…

Well it’s not what u asked for but it’s already made so here;

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I feel like Space Invaders doesn’t really fit the song

It’s fine I should have read the whole thing lol. Oh well

I know it’s your track, but gotta say, I disagree. I think Space Invaders feels like quite a good match thematically.

The track’s name suggest ‘space wars’, the sound has a video game vibe, and there are sections where it feels like something is ‘on the march’.

My 2 cents. YMMV.

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