Can I transfer everything on Auxy to a different device

So I make all my Auxy projects on my IPad. However in June, I need to replace my iPad cause it’s kinda old. It’s in the cloud on my iPad so I won’t lose it. However I can’t access my projects on the Auxy app on my iPhone. If my IPad can be replaced within 8 days, I’m fine but anything longer will mess up my release schedule. Is it possible to move my Auxy projects from my iPad to my iPhone so it won’t mess up my release schedule?


airdrop the Project file


I would just bring over anything from current projects and your favorites, and move on without it. It can be hard, but it’s much healthier to start like this than to look back at all of your old stuff. Keep your old projects in a safe place, but don’t move them. You will progress more without the past building on you.


These are new songs, I can’t just delete them, I have to release them cause I have been working on this new album for the last 3 months. I can’t just delete them.

Import project link onto a cloud, like airdrop, google drive, dropbox, or your email. Then you can download it back into any device that runs auxy.

Ah yeah then transfer the album tracks

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Just send them to like a dm on discord or text them to the new phone

does backing up the device to itunes (well i guess it’s just finder now) not backup projects?

If you aren’t using samples, all your tracks are gonna be in iCloud/Auxy/Backups.

If you have tracks with samples you could export all tracks and your sample library, then re-import. I have not tried this myself. If you share a project link with yourself it will also contain all samples in the project

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Slide to the Export button on any track, then hit Export All Projects. Then just AirDrop that to your new iPad.

airdrop works great…I can’t find the file icloud/auxy (?) even though icloud is switched on for auxy on both ipad and iphone and both are signed in to the same icloud account.

Should look something like this:

Ok thanks!..I was getting confused by ‘icloud’ and ‘icloud drive’ being used interchangeably (also in the help documents). I don’t have an icloud drive, just icloud so now it all makes sense!

Every iCloud account comes with like 5GB of iCloud Drive storage, so unless you somehow turned it off, you should have iCloud Drive

Oh I’ll check on that…maybe I chickened out turning it on because it seemed like it would incur charges