Can I put a remixed song in an album?

Hey guys, recently a subscriber sent me a project which I hadn’t known was originally @Otzsil stratosphere’s chords, he’d changed the sound and I had no idea as I hadn’t heard the song before. I had started working on t and was going to make it a collab with him. Another subscriber/follower @Matik said to me it was stratosphere, so now I’ve gotta ask @Otzsil for permission to use it.

Anyway, that’s just the story behind that. What I was asking is, can I use that Remix in my “shatter” album?


Good question. I think you could, but in my opinion, it would ruin the meaning of “album,” I think everything should be original.
But it’s your desicion


Thanks! I think the style is original, because it’s not an intended remix it sounds completely different to what the original song is.


Remixes are normally released under the original artist’s name, not by the remixer themselves.


So it shouldn’t be in the album?

I’d say no, not on your album.

On Otzil’s perhaps, if s/he/they wanted to.

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Okay. Well I might just close off the album and make it an ep then

Assuming you have permission from Otzil, it’s worth putting up on SC as a single using the standard remix titling, etc…

(You shouldn’t release it at all, even on SC, if you don’t have permission from Otzil.)

It’s also worth bumping Otzil to see if s/he/they would want to include it on one of their own album releases.

Yeah I’ve messaged him asking if I can Remix it. I’m hoping he says yes… as it’s gonna really let me down if he says no because I’d already started working on it before I was told it was otszils chords… but yeah. I’ll wait. Do you know if he’s active much btw?

Damn he was active in March :frowning:

Imma he btw


Often times when artists want to insert a remix or cover in their album they put it as the last song to show it’s a little different.

Remember The Times? Stratosphere is the one with the drums, not the birds. :slight_smile:


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Oh ok!

I suggest maybe releasing at as a sort of “bonus track” with the album rather than as a core song.