Can anyone help out on this drop?

Drop just doesn’t hit right, and I’ve tried way to many bass lines so I’m hoping someone can help me out on it

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I think I know why the build-up doesn’t feel like a build-up. The stuff that I’m going to say is just based on my perception and from what I know.

  • Since you use pauses on the main theme, the build-up also sounds like one because it has pauses. Also I think it’s good if you lowpass the instruments
    for the charge because you don’t want to rely the sense of about-to-climax part on just percussion, you want the instruments to help out as well.

  • I suggest adding any “Crash” for the first beat after the build up. This gives the relief that the build-up was released. It felt bland because the scene continued like nothing happened after the build-up. You might want to add subtle parts too, so that the listener knows they’re already in a different part of the song.

  • this is only a recommendation of mine, but I suggest starting out the song as soft, so that their ear spectrum will assume that it’s strong compared to the first part, which is quiet effective ( in my opinion ). If your song style is starting out as loud, then it’s fine, just make sure they feel the intensity changes, such as the build-up.

  • Since you’re using pauses as an element for the theme, I suggest filling those silent gaps to increase the intensity and the feeling of not stopping at all, which will then be released soon before entering the ‘Bridge’.

These are my tips. I got these from my mistakes and past experiences. Hopefully this helps you. If I have time, I’ll send a project where I applied the things that I’ve listed above. :))

Break A Leg :))

Tried some of those changes and it helped a lot, thanks

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maybe i can help.

do you have discord? i have something for your track if it sounds better.

I do but I’m not too familiar with how to use it

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You should try to. Discord comes into play when the community does collabs, that’s where they pass the projects back and forth. It’d be really nice to be familiar with those :)).


I did only a few things to one of the drops(it’s labeled). it’s not much but i just thought i’d be nice to help. hopefully it suits what you need.

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Ngl that was a well made drop

thanks man!

why you gotta snatch my wig like that? Give it back lmao.:rofl:

huh :flushed:

Wow, thanks a lot. I’m gonna work on it more then I’ll release it