Can anyone help me to do an auxy cover of Feel Good inc by Gorillaz

I just need help with the basic instrumentals

Well, I’ve made my own version. Would it help you for me to tell you the instruments I used, or what key it should be in?

That would really help thanks

Alright. So, I’ll just list everything off.

Bass: Panda
Drums: Dust
Verse Melody: Otter (City’s breaking down on a camel’s back…)
Chorus: Runner, Story, Morning (Windmill, windmill, for the land…)
Bridge: Bow
"Feel Good": Gossip
Key: Eb
Tempo: 140
Scale: Minor

I didn’t say it was 100% accurate. Just a version of it, but it’s close enough.

Key is Eb Minor

Can you link yours? I would love to see how you made your track!

Here you are. :smiley:

I got the bass but I need help with the drums and melodies

I touched up a few things

I added the vocals for the chorus

LMAO I made my own

Lol. I did the same thing. It is on my iPad so when I get home I’ll show you how I translated it. Though I think I used a different song from gorillaz.

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I compensated the voice with one of the noises… because auxy can’t add voices yet.

I tried to be so perfect when I did this. I haven’t worked on it for a while but when I was working on it I was working on it way too much😄 I probably played the song 100 times for the first 10 seconds to make sure I got it right. You’ll notice on some parts it’s different. I thought that was cool, because it was really hard to notice them when you just listen to the song. I really got to understand and notice all the complexity of the song.

Enjoy, and don’t be afraid to add on if you feel like it… you wouldn’t be copyrighting me😄

I was hesitant to share this with you guys because I worked on it for so long, but I trust you guys. I can’t have no right if owning it so I think it is right to share it with you guys. It’s a good learning experience to see how the gorillaz did it in the past😄

clicks on project file
hears 19-2000


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