C=q/V - industry city sleepers [Electronic, DnB]


Some breaks with proper jungle drum samples, cut up vocals and a heavy dose of triple time groove :slight_smile:

In a way, this is my love letter to BT. If I was gonna write one :worried:

Comments / suggestions / pizza pies welcome!


:pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza: There ya go


Teach me the amazing art of dnb
I cant, for the life of me come up with anything that satisfies my ears

What is BT tho? What or who?

So good – and so good to be hearing more Auxy tracks with vocals (i.e. ‘complete’, imo).

That time sig switcheroo… Fantastic.

Quality stuff from start to finish. :+1: :+1:

Suspect I’ll be playing this a fair bit.

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BT is great, he’s a producer / probably occasional DJ. Look up either These Hopeful Machines or This Binary Universe, two incredibly awesome albums. The guy is a machine!

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Thanks man :slight_smile: yeah I’d be doing it more if it wasn’t such a PITA on iOS. Such a breeze on a desktop DAW but just don’t have the resources for that now… glad you enjoyed it I had a good time bringing it together!

Lol! I draw my inspiration from classic drum and bass / jungle outfits, and IDM. Check out the likes of Aquasky, Omni Trio, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Goldie, just listen to their drum work and try your hand at it.

Usually, I start with the kick and snare, a two bar loop. Then I fill in hi hats and whatever weird clicks and clacks I’ve selected, then increase to four bars and then make changes in the last two bars. If REALLY needed will extend to 8 bars and make additional changes. Just play around with it :slight_smile:

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Nice job channelling Goldie etc., and I like how you invoked the relationship between charge and capacitance. I tried to make a DnB track for my wife on our 11-year anniversary last week, but I’m not quite there yet – it’s hard to stay true to form, as you did.

I worked for a sampling company (EastWest) around the turn of the millennium when they were in NYC, and was involved with a BT project, “Twisted Textures”. It wasn’t cheap at the time (>$100, you’re paying for the license to use the samples), and I have no idea about current price/availability, but you could presumably buy the CD(s), cut up some actual BT samples/loops, load them into Auxy and play along with him royalty-free.

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Oh man that’s awesome! Long ago, well over a decade, I recall my friend being REALLY big into some of the orchestral plugs from EastWest.

He’s got a bunch of stuff on Native Instrument’s new sounds.com platform, I don’t really use a computer at all aside from for work so I haven’t really given this a proper look. I’d be more interested if there was a mobile app (which maybe there is, I think I know what I’m looking for in a minute).

Thanks for listening too! I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:


Just listening to this again. It feels like a mature production, in the sense it’s indistinguishable in terms of quality from the stuff on major labels.

The structuring and composition is solid and considered.

Great work.

(Fwiw, could be longer. Because of smart structuring, there’s still a lot of energy left in that listen.)

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That means an incredibly lot to me man, I really appreciate it.

It’s crazy because as limiting as Auxy can feel sometimes, like little things I’d like to do but can’t, overall it’s not important. Honestly, I’ve been more productive with music using Auxy in the last five months than I have been in the last four or five years, maybe longer… it’s wild. Especially with sampling now, it’s blown the doors open.

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M a n - this is amazing work, really really really (!) good!

Which vocal chops did you use?
Keep it coming. :pray:t3::ok_hand:t3:

Thanks good sir :slight_smile: these were selections from some sound pack on blocs wave.

I’ve bought a ton of those, but never really used the app.

I should probably pillage them for samples and loops.

It’s a gold mine, and honestly, it couldn’t be easier to get this stuff into Auxy! Between Groovebox and blocs wave I’ve got basically zero need for a workstation unless I’m going to work with serious vocal stems, like full on full length vocals. I don’t hate myself enough to try to work with lengthy vocals in iOS only haha :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I think the reason I shied away from it was that I felt ‘loops’ were cheating, a bit.
Creating a track entirely from 3rd-party loops certainly feels like an inauthentic shortcut, to me.

(I know that’s not close to what you did for this track.)

Still, I’ll take a dive through the stuff I’ve bought to see what can be used for extra touches and textures. :slight_smile:

I don’t see how Auxy can avoid vocals.

It wants to be a one-stop shop/walled garden and it wants to be a tool to empower the next generation of breakthrough musicians. Given that vocal tracks tend to have a greater chance of becoming hits, it’s likely something that Lenberg, etc… are thinking about.

Presumably, they want to be the app where the track is output from. Currently, the main limit is the 10-second duration limit on imported samples, which functionally prohibits adding vocal stems from elsewhere.

I assume they won’t be looking to ‘support’ vocals directly in the app itself (functionally ‘simple’, but plenty of quality control issues) to make it a badged, native function.

Maybe they’ll solve the issue by increasing the sample duration limit (back) to something more usable or maybe just declare that vocal tracks ‘aren’t part of the Auxy vision’.


Mature was the first thing that came to mind for me.
Very high quality stuff.


Yeah, I try to use the stuff from there for sounds I know I’m just not going to get out of Auxy right now. I have something in the works with an acoustic sounding bass. It’s just not happening in Auxy, not yet at least.

It largely depends on how you approach it. If you take the loops and just jam them together and DGAF, then yeah, it’s kind of crummy and it’s a shortcut cause it’ll be good sounding, albeit super generic. But if you’re very selective, and also take the time to export a loop and cut out pieces and mix and match, it’s very, very rewarding :slight_smile: