Butterfly - Pinewoodog [Drum and Bass]

Just dropped a new track, it’s a kind of happy drum n bass track. It would be super cool if I could get some feedback on it!

SoundCloud link: https://soundcloud.com/pinewoodog/butterfly


(watch out for massive novel of everything ur about to read)

i like that melody m8 (and that future bass too). drop lead sounds really cool & atmospheric in a way too. Sub was also nice.

I do wish the drums punched through in the mix more tho. they’re pretty buried. (tho i guess that’s more of an Auxy problem b/c u can only get the drums to punch through so much without sacrificing your lead/melody or the # of tracks u can use)
also the drop hit way to quick for me. Give the intro some more time as well as the build up

also kinda wish there was more of a bass. The sub is great, sounds clean, & i can hear it carrying the lows, but idk i just feel like there should be something more there because that’s all that’s there, just a sub. Doesn’t have to be a super heavy bass or something that takes over. but u kno, just a bass of some sorts. Heck u could even bring in the piano again as a bass just shift it down some.
but that’s more just my preference (i’m a fan of guys like Protostar, Muzzy, Feint that often use some h e a v y . basses)

maybe i’ll bookmark it and do a remix sometime in the future lol. still was a good track & good to see a genre around here. but it’ll prob sound something more like (incoming phat shameless plug) this https://soundcloud.com/xn-extras/auxy-tournament-week-02

ok maybe not, but at least like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6n0u4kRPRc

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I really like it - two things rub me the wrong way:

  1. Is that an augmented or diminished chord in the beginning? It’s kind of dissonant. If you were going for that then cool, to me it’s a little unpleasant :frowning: just my opinion,
  2. At :20, I think it’s Flamingo? It’s just NOT doing it for me in this track. I get why you used it, it cuts through the lows and has more tonality to it than a sub bass, but I just don’t care for it in this context. Again, totally just opinion.

On to the good!:

At :27 when everything kicks in, this is very reminiscent of classic DnB. The bass is T H I C C but not distorting. The drums are great, you’ve got the trap snares going on which work pretty well for drum and bass too I’m finding. 2:07-2:08 drum fill is very nice.

The funny thing is that the chord that sounds jarring in the beginning actually sits in the mix really well towards the end. The melodies all throughout are real nice and again, really invoked the classic drum and bass sound.

Good work!

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Yeah, I didn’t spend too much time on mixing. Maybe it would have been better if I focused a little bit more on that.

Yeah! Classic DnB was kind of what I was going for, I’m happy it worked. I’m pretty sure what you thought was flamingo was actually koala; I didn’t want something too strong that would drown out the melody. I tried to keep it more on the melodic side, maybe I should have focused on the drum and bass part of the song :laughing: