Building an Audience as an Artist (GUIDE)

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Throughout my time on the forum I’ve seen a lot of people asking various questions pertaining to building a brand and getting their music heard. These are all valid questions for any aspiring producer looking to build out their audience and develop their brand, both in a visual and auditory manner. Due to the recurring nature of these questions on the forum, I’ve created a 12 page guide that encompasses what I believe to be the fundamental aspects about building your artist brand and enabling yourself to get your music heard. A lot of the things I mention will likely seem pretty obvious and like it’s nothing new but I can assure you that putting these into practice is a lot more difficult than knowing that they exist.

Feel free to share it around with anyone that you feel may benefit from it. Hopefully this helps address some of the questions out there and can serve as a reference for those asking in the future. :slight_smile:


Good stuff. :+1:

Well written, with lots of simple, actionable advice.

A few thoughts as I read through…

Release Schedule:

A good rule of thumb is to release once every 2-4 weeks. This allows you to stay relevant within
your audience and also have enough new content coming out that you can attract new listeners
and further build your network.

If you can pump out a quality track every 2 weeks then more power to you.
I personally don’t think you need to be that frequent.

Quality, not quantity.

Repost Networks:

I’ve made my feelings on repost networks clear before… I’m not a fan.
I put them in the same basket as buying likes on social media.

Booking other artists has been a large part of my career, and part of that job is looking at social media numbers to anticipate interest.

If I caught even a whiff of ‘bought’ numbers, I’d move on.

The Truth About SoundCloud Reposts (and Paid Promotion) [White Paper]


Do: Message people you are in contact with and have previously introduced yourself to

Don’t: Find random people and send them your track, or people you haven’t spoken to in a

I didn’t agree with this one.

I’d be sending a polite, professional message to every DJ, producer, label and radio station I thought might be interested in my track.


No mention of Bandcamp?


As convenient as the internet is, I think networking IRL is far more important.
Be a part of your local scene. This is most likely where your first big break will come from.

And finally, I think it’s important to find time to work on your live performance.

If your goal is a career as an artist, you really need to be a polished performer…

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti


Glad you liked it, and you raised some nice points. A couple things I wanted to address…

Repost networks are not exclusively used as paid promotion, and often times are organically formed by a joint union of artists who want to take steps to automate the support they are able to extend to eachother and therefore share audiences. For example, a group of 15 or so artists may have different circles of people that listen to their music and will use a service to allow the simultaneous showcasing to all 15 different audiences at once. In this way, some repost networks can be thought of more as artist collectives and less of non representative / botted statistics.

IRL networking is definitely very important, but I do not necessarily believe that it has to be the first step when getting yourself out there. I’ve spoken with people signed on underground collectives like Phuture and Night Owl who have gotten showcased on outlets like without doing any sort of live performing. Sure, they’re not necessarily going to blow up and expand to mainstream audiences like that, but for a lot of people I see plenty that can be done before devoting too much time to building an IRL network.

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I found this very helpful. Good job!

I think it would be helpful to use real examples of artists who have used these methods and grown from them. Personally, seeing the effects of methods like these really helps me fully understand the importance of them.

Also, I am someone who uses a lot of these techniques for building my audience already, but I still managed to learn something new!

Nice work.

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Finally decided to check out the forums after using Auxy for a couple years now, glad I did, so many great resources on here!

thanks @Arimyth :slight_smile:


Welcome @carlosesparza!

This is very helpful, I’ll make sure to keep this advice in mind once I release another song😁 Thank you for making this!

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OMG! Thanks for sharing this!!!