Bug with the glide feature

While producing my last track I just realized that there’s a small bug with adjusting glide- after using the slider, when you exit the menu, the value will automatically be set a few ms below what you adjusted it to, and it doesn’t seem entirely consistent, either. For example, every time I would set it to 18 ms, I would close and reopen the menu to see it set to 16 ms. If I set it to 17 ms, however, it would go all the way down to 14 ms.

Not sure what causes this but thought it would be good for the peeps to know

@Auxy , but also worth feedback@auxy.co email!

Thanks! We’ll have a look.

This happens with release too. You cant really set your release to 0ms, it will re-adjust to 5ms everytime you close and reopen the project.

Ok, thanks for reporting! We’ll get it fixed.