BSJ Arps & Pads Challange

Use the Pad loop to create a creative track to relax by. Try to keep the loop intact. I changed the melody a little about midway in my track.

*BSJ Arps & Pads

I already made an ambient track with one of the pads, but I don’t want to post it here.


Is there or will there be a way for me to hear it?


Actually, just noticed that @BSJ spelled his name wrong in the title… :upside_down_face:



:astonished: My apologies to BJS. Hopefully he or she can forgive me.

I’m confused…What does BSJ have to do with this?

He spelled his abb. Wrong in the track name

Someone made a challenge to produce a song with BSJ’s loops and pads in the feed. But in the track project itself, BSJ spelled his abbreviation as BJS.

Actually that wasn’t me who made that typo :grin: but no worries! (I am a male as well) :sweat_smile:

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