BrokenSouls [WIP Collab? Project]

I’ve been working on it for about a month, I feel like it’s close but I want more help, and want to include others, this will be my first collab, so show me what you got.

I made a very very rough idea just to see if you like the idea

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I do like it, however I added the body sample, and added a filter to make it crescendo more or less

I went more in detail with what I was thinking

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I like it, listen to it a couple times cause it still feels off but close for upload. And I think it sound dope, just needs a little more.

Do you happen to know a vocalist? Because I think that’s really help make it feel more complete. I’ll make a couple more changes then Over the next couple days

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I can do vocals myself but we’ll have to come up with lyrics and see how it sounds, I’ll just transfer the audio to GarageBand and go from there