BrokenSouls [Collab?]

I’m looking for more people to collab with. Someone who is pretty active, and doesn’t mind putting their two since in, especially if it isn’t great. I can take some criticism, it helps me create better as an artist. I’m looking for any new sounds, anyone who can do imported sounds(cause I suck) and literally anything you can bring to the table, I’m game. I’m active almost 24/7 besides work from 9-6 M-F so you can either private message me, or message on this post if you’re interested

Sorry for the long post.:joy::joy:

I would be down! I create trap/electronic/chill, if any of those genres interest you them dm me

I’m currently in a writers block and I was hoping to find someone to collab with for inspiration. I’d be down to work on a fresh project with you

would you want to work on some future bass?

Alrighty I’ll dm you some of my ideas

For sure, I love future bass