Bright mode for use in daylight

So, probably like a lot of others, now entering summer on one half of the world, Auxy really needs a second global view - a light theme. It would really help the app live up to its mobile nature. And it would be nice to not to take off the sunglasses to make some tunes on the beach. Or even have the theme to auto adjust contrast … Yeah?


I agree that a light theme would be nice. Maybe not the brightness, though, because it would be constantly changing and we also already have auto brightness. I made a post a while ago on how to do a makeshift version of what you’re suggesting: Auxy Day Mode Tip!

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Nice trick for the short term @Eswyn! As for the light show I mentioned, I just meant that it could be interesting to have the contrast between ‘boxes’ to increase, not the palette of colours, when light gets brighter. Maybe not, just an idea. Daytime theme would be great all the same - glad you noticed the need as well!

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