Brand New Sounds!

I was messing around, and I found a bunch of brand new sounds! Here, feel free to use in any of your work.

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clap clap clap

I’m not sure if that’s actual applause. In any case, thanks.

They’re not new sounds though

They come close. I tried my best, I’m just so thirsty for NeW sOuNDSSs :frowning:


Yeah man I’m thirsty for some AP-008


Well here you go x_X

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I’ve already used a few of the sounds like this, such as mulch and chainsaw, but they all sound really cool! I love the song as well!

Can just say that song overall sounds sweet!!!

Wow that’s cool! Working on my own AP-008 :wink:

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Quick question: how does one make a their own instruments?

Edit things until you have pesets that sound new and different than the original.

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Sounds like fun

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