Bossy Aquarium 👍 - Bassment Chemists [genre?]

Let me know what you think and what genre you think this might fall into


I’ve used everything I have available and I can’t just find the link in your post.

Whoops. I always do that haha thank you man. Let me know what you think now that it’s up. :joy:

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Seems like feedback isn’t really a thing anymore

I can’t speak for everyone, but without an approximation of what genre it might be I usually won’t listen. Electronic? Country? Future bass? Trap? There’s just some genres I don’t care for and I wouldn’t be able to objectively provide feedback :frowning:

@iammane that sounds like a cop :policeman: pout if I’ve heard one…I’d say genre wise…break shell techno .

Like break beat Techno.with a twist of.aquamarine

Hey @iammane, if you’re a cop, you have to tell us.
That’s like, the law.

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Haha yeah so what it ⓑ fuzz!?

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Fwiw, I’d class this as techno.

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Thank U @blakkaz at least I’m classifiable

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I’m kicking myself for missing this one.

I really like it!


I’m not not not not saying I’m not a cop. I think that’s the correct amount of nots :wink:

This was good! I also enjoyed. My only suggestion would be to play with some of the volume levels of the instruments to have some be more prominent and others lower in the mix, they all kind of sound front and center if you know what I mean. I love the drum samples you used, very fitting. I would have maybe lowered the volume of the shaker sound a little too.

You definitely captured the underwater vibe- good stuff!

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Thank you. Yeah levels are always a struggle in auxy. I feel like the app plays tricks on you, because it can sound OK in the app then all wacky when it gets uploaded.

I don’t know what genre this is but I call this kind of thing “electroscape” as a cross of ambient (soundscape) and electronic

Then again it has house vibes

Overall I really like this track.
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