Bold Star - by MoozH

This is my first track in Auxy:


Not bad for your first track. It actually sounds good!

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Glad to hear we have a new Auxian! I’m therealejoc! Nice to meet you and hope you keep using Auxy and making music! The song was very good I think the intro chords were a bit long for the pace that the song picked up but that’s not really a big deal. Good use of automations, especially for your first Auxy tracks. My first songs mainly sounded like random notes with some decent drums :joy:. I think the melody was pretty good, but could’ve used a bit more work. THhe final drop was likely my favorite but it could’ve also used some melody work on the added sound. Hope to hear more work from you in 2018! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the Cult!


I really like this. It’s great for a first track.