Body - Devoid of Joy (industrial)

Playing with a vocal chop and percussion and got this out of it.
It’s already poppin’!!! Gots 5 likes and 0 listens :rofl:

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Most of my likes are from bots; I appreciate that they have enough confidence in my work to like tracks without listening.

I like what you’ve been up to lately: it’s quintessential DoJ.

Oh I’m getting bots on twitter now too. I guess if I didn’t have them my track stats would definitely take a dive, a small dive but the fall isn’t far lol.
I had a dry spell for a bit, I could find and motivation or inspiration. But in recent I’ve been kind of banging out some stuff I’m liking again.
I think I’ve got 2 more finished tracks. I’ve been running faster bpm’s, everything is starting to sound kind of circus like almost to me, not sure it that’s good or not. I feel like circuses are a dying business model nowadays.

I’m not hearing a circus element in your stuff, but then again my wife says a lot of my tracks involve psychotic clown visitations, so it may just be that I’m too deep in my own circus to recognize anyone else’s. Yay!

I look forward to hearing more. Exploring parameter space a bit with different BPM, etc., is always interesting.

Beyond bpm’s, I’ve been tweaking how I deal with most of the parameters through out now. Trying less distortions to crisp up some tones and searching through the catacombs of percussions to find the strange stuff. I’m sure this wave of creative motivation will crash soon, so I’m trying to just hammer out as much as possible while I still feel I can.