Blackocean - crimson (theCRØSSYjosh) (W.I.P)

I’m back with a W.I.P remix of crimson by @Blackocean. Hope you enjoy. Just tbh both me and @Stardust are good at remixes, no rudeness intended. Also shout out to da big dude we all love @iammane !! Yeah you mane. Today your samples really killed it on one of someone’s remix yeah shout him out too. So this ones for @MVTT and @iammane. As always my squad, Stay safe, wash yo hands & May Allah Bless you all homies!!! EDIT: Also here’s what i want to show you what I made yesterday something called 212 Trap. You will see it for yourself and understand what I mean when you tap the project link. thanks and have a blessed day. :wink: EDIT #2: I had to change the project link it’s because it’s the wrong project. So here’s the real project. Thanks and have a great time inside.


Bruh you just pinged everyone in the server


:joy: ok

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My SC account is named theCRØSSYjosh. Why did you change it bro? I’m changing it back to where it was.

Is your name josh?

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Don’t mess around bro. And stop please.

If I was a leader I would definitely change it to my SC name.

You didn’t answer my question

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No. My name is literally not josh. That’s my nickname of my real name.

So then why josh?

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It’s a nickname of my real name.

And also next time don’t change my topic name.



Sorry but your remix was great than mines though I just only said that to prank you.

You should have clarified that or not have included it at all.


I changed it now bro. See it for yourself.

Why include me at all? I was never a part of it.

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No you see, I mean your remix you took from my project and this remix is a different one than yours.

Get the point?