Blackocean and phluze - odyssey [future bass] hello this is blackocean otherwise known as jimbo by locals
here’s a real wig snatcher for ya
sis snapped on this one
and THAT’s the tea :tea: :relieved:


i wish we could do a collab again like lightray

I didn’t know u or Phluze still used auxy

Good work :+1::smile:

how long does it take for you to create this amazing track? Gosh, it’s really awesome stuff

this took just over a day


shiz, when you’re in the zone, you’re in the zone. great stuff guys.

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wait I never saw this. this announcement is wig…

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f r i c c *

it’s really good

Listening to this track makes me genuinely jealous. I wish I too could sell my soul to the devil to get skill like this, but the devil apparently doesn’t accept I.O.Us.

The best songs are always the ones you finish in a day or two

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