Black Node - The Centre [Liquid Jazz][Thoughtful Noise]

Black Node - The Centre [Thoughtful Noise / TN06]

#Jazz Fusion #Liquid Jazz #Jazz #Electronic #Nu-Jazz #Liquid Funk #170pm


As always, thoughts, comments, feedback all welcome โ€” here or on the SC post.

Thanks and enjoy! :+1:


This is a very exquisite track, I like the rhythm & chill second section.

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Hey, thanks @Fuujiya.
I appreciate it. :+1:

Re: the rhythmโ€ฆ Iโ€™m trying to use cut-up beats from more live-sounding drumming, especially for alternative jazz-style drumming, as Iโ€™d ultimately like to use a live drummer (for the Black Node tracks). Iโ€™m still not putting in the amount of work to better emulate live drumming though โ€” the natural variance that a live drummer will bring.

Re: The chill section. I do find myself adding a breakdown to most tracks; something to let listeners rest their ears before pushing ahead, especially when the track is quite energetic. This time I thought Iโ€™d throw in an alternative vibe, switching out the 170 for a half-time broken beat.

Re: The pads (your comment on SC). Again, the Black Node tracks are jazz-electronic oriented, so I like to use rich, warm, extended jazzy chords.

Iโ€™m still working on a distinct Black Node sound. :slight_smile:

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