Birds - Tom Sommerson [Trance]

Hi, here is my last track and of course trance… :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::sunglasses:
I hope you’ll enjoy! :heart:



love it! and are those hihats tweets or just clicks?

The sample I used is the Leviathan 2’s Click 32, but with a little trick: I’m using 2 samples (both Click 32) paralell and i changed the Tune and Pan on samples: first sample’s Tune set to max and Pan set to little bit right and the 2nd sample’s Tune set to min and Pan set to little bit left… and then i just play with the sequencer: the 1/16 pattern fullfilled and lot of notes changed to soft - just like you playing the velocity of the hihats to can get a more natural feelings.
I can share the project and screens with you later, if you would, because the whole project is on my tablet at home…

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its all good lol thats nice tho

Here is the project link:

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