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Big Bang (Work in progress), by, [NuJazz, Jazz, Funk, Electronic Jazz]


Notes: I try to make it sound as ‘live’ as possible using Auxy. My bigest problem is with percussion it’s hard to make it swing - like jazz perc should, any ideas, examples? Maybe any midi files to download and learn? Can ya give me any links?
I have tried to cut parts of live loops and use it, but changed my mind as I feel it would be cheating - I want to make it - note by note, beat by beat from the scratch without using any loops. As for acoustic bass/upright bass used here - it was cut from few sources into ‘one shoots’ - I have made new instrument than written it’s line note by note, from the scratch - thanks to this I can completely control it. There are few notes missing but thanks to pitch-shifting I can play most of needed notes.

Thanks for constructive feedback and remember its fresh work (in progress) - I have started just 2 days ago and had been playing with it only just for aprox. 30 minutes, so don’t be too harsh.

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To get swing on any drum or sound, you just have to tap on the cog icon in the top right of a project, and between the tempo and key sliders there is a slider to control how much swing you want in that track. Alternatively you could just use triplets in a pattern like this:

Also, swing doesn’t do anything to triplets.
Hope this helps!


Use longer rides, it gives more flow

Edit: I take it back a little, its really up to you how you do jazz. I personally prefer jazz when the instruments connect but theres all kinds of jazz