Best way to free up Auxy storage space on my phone?

I’ve been using Auxy for about 4 years.
Thus, I have quite a few tracks.
8 GB worth actually.
Auxy takes up more space than anything else on my phone - by far.

What’s the best way to free up space besides the obvious - deleting tracks?

I’ve found several Auxy files for the same project under the “files” folder on my phone.
Can these be deleted?



Do you have a shed load of track renders? I suspect those will be taking up the most amount of space since the actual project files are very small

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Other than exported tracks, your instruments/samples take up space too. Delete the instruments/samples you rarely use by swiping them to the left. If there’s a pack you don’t use, use can use the same gesture


I think deleting the projects that you don’t use or no sounds or drums in it. Also maybe go with @AzureOnyx’s choice.

Try deleting renders