Best sounds/layers for Melody


This may be a topic already but…

I am starting to struggle to find good sounds that work for melodies. Any help? Thanks


Depends on the type of sound you want

For something that sustains you can use stress, any of the sounds from sweet pads, pastel, high heels, bo, hour, circle, gossip, nugget, fairy

for something that doesnt sustain you can use opal, rain, kiss, coin, allen, crystal, orchestral sounds, plucks, pick


Awsome thanks


For Demo Users: Recommend using Spray with half lowpass as main melody and either Origin or Barber (low lowpass) as an additional layer.


I’m in love with plucks + game waves rn. would reccomend.


Really depends on the style. Future bass? Ambient? Progressive house? I can give you tips but I need to know what you need.

I really like Bitty + Fuze, especially when playing around with the vibrato though.


future bass


Obvious sounds for future bass is Hour+Silk