Best sounds for Acid?

I just can’t seem to find a way to get a good Acid bassline, lately I’ve been importing from Troublemaker as loops. Has anyone had better luck within Auxy? Bee Isn’t bad, but not quite …


I’d still point to Bee, but with stacks of automation, across Shape, Tone and LPF, maybe stacking octaves to flesh it out some more.

Consider layering with Bitty (Game Waves), or other Hard Leads.

For low end/acid basslines, use Bee at lower octaves for that gritty burble and layer it with a subtle sub.


Forgot to mention…

Azid (Euphoric Memories) is another usable candidate. Less buzzy. More 101 than 303.


Euphoric memories is just like one of the best packs. Blanket and 8080 get a lot of use.

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I think a lot of the original sounds would be pretty good for acid