Beneath the Sunset - Andrew Adams

Hey guys! I just finished up a song, and would for you guys to tell me what you think. :slightly_smiling_face:


Whoa! Really liking the sensitive piano intro. I think the low pass can be turned down a bit a more though.

Melody after that is really nice.

Buildup is beautiful! Love that snare.

In the chorus, I suggest some hi-hat rhythm. Although, it still sounds fine with 1/16.

And as I say with many of your songs, maybe layer up the lead a bit more? It actually sounds much better than the lead choice in Ignite. (That’s as still great song though. :joy: )

1:24: IMO a softer kick could be used here.

1:41: Ooh, love the use of Charge’s snare!

2:25: Nice bassline!

2:42: Whoa! Powerful!

Melody is so good :wink:

Overall, I think this is one of your best songs yet! Hope the feedback helped. :sweat_smile:

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Hey thanks Sana! Really appreciate all of this detailed feedback. :+1:

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