Belong - Insolidarity [Synthwave]

Hey guys it’s good to be back from my long hiatus, here’s a new one for your enjoyment:

As always feedback is appreciated

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I’ve really gotten into Synthwave recently, so I like this! Chords are nice and pretty. Love to see some ninths or more variation. The highpass build didn’t fit in my opinion. Love how it drops tho! Melody on :point_up_2: (Get it?) The second melody is awesome too. I don’t know which I like better. Anyways, yeah, just vary the chords a bit is all I’d like to see. Otherwise, straight banger

Predictability: 7/10
Complexity: 6/10
Use of Automation: 7/10
Use of Instruments: 8/10
Appeal: 8/10

Overall: 36/50

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Have you ever scored one above 40

Not a lot, but yeah