Belief Systems, by Nyneth

Our everyday reality is interpreted by our set of principles or ideology
We make sense of the world surrounding us throught our own belief systems.
We are influenced by what we believe and what we believe in is all we can see .hence we are blind to what we don’t believe

Question what you believe
More often than not what we believe in is a lie

What do you believe in?

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Low, moody and unashamedly synth. I like it.

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Is this all Auxy? Really nice.

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I listened to the song while reading the text. Made it more impactfull in a way. Great job :+1:

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Thanks @akabillposters

Thanks @Eswyn ! 99% of it is Auxy. Just added some electric guitar fx and vocals at the end.

Thanks @ToothfairyStardust

Wow! Some of the sounds are so deep and synth-y. That’s really cool! How did you get some of he reverb to sound so huge?

Feel free to check it for yourself :blush:
Belief Systems Auxy Project

Wow that’s really cool!

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