Being Able to Tell My Tracks Apart

Having used auxy for a very long time I have a LOT of track projects on my phone now. And due to me being unorganized a lot of them aren’t labeled. I have a lot of projects I’ve downloaded from here. However I’ve noticed that I can still tell whether tracks are made by me or someone else with pretty much 100% sureness, not really sure why. I was wondering if other people could also tell their tracks apart like this

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No because I’ve produced a lot of different genres and since a few months I’ve finally found my own style. Btw I do, because the first songs of me sound terrible so I instantly hear the difference!

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Yep, even among my thousands of projects (not an exaggeration) I can just… tell if it’s mine, I don’t know how.

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This should actually be an amazing accomplishment. Being able to listen through the tracks on your phone and tell other peoples songs apart from your own? It shows that you aren’t copying anyones style but building one for yourself. And that you recognize that.

Congrats my dude;)