Beginning to sell beats!

If you’ve been paying attention to my SoundCloud recently(please do), you may notice that I’ve started uploading a lot of hip-hop/rap beats recently. And the good news, is that if you’re looking for beats, you can buy them from me!
I’ve launched a store on where you can buy my beats from! If you’re a producer who does hip-hop stuff I’d recommend getting onto this website because it’s a good way to build up a portfolio, even if you’re not selling a ton. But if you do sell a ton, great! Vocalists, there’s a lot of good stuff there(like mine!) that you should check out!

My profile:


Beautiful beat you have up there!

I’ve thought about doing this because it can make more money than just uploading. I’m still working on some hip-hop beats but once I have more, maybe I will

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