Beat the Duk Volume 1

Alright guys, so I have an interesting idea. What if I have you guys remix one of my songs, and whichever remixes I thought were better than the original, I put in a shortlist? Kinda like BTC but me and remixing. So this time around I’m gonna be having you guys remix my song “Singularity.” Now don’t go scrolling through the feed for the link, I want you guys to have full access. So DM me for a link(for privacy’s sake, I guess, and so I can know who is remixing) and I will send it to you. Sound good? Go.

Entries are due on: December 3
Submit your entries in the comments once they are complete.

EDIT: CONTEST IS OVER. WINNER IS @TheRealJFalc . Congratulation!


I’ll definitely do it, just kinda waiting on you to respond to my message.

I’m down to do this

my greatest work yet guys @Produk had such a fun time remixing your song please enjoy safely, may or may not be suitable for all ages.

(I’m so dead)


Tries to act like ear drums aren’t busted. (Accidentally had headphones at full volume)

Best thing ever… I think


Contest is over. You won.



Still working on mine


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Lol remember this?


I might have to submit it on Dec 3, idk, I’ll try to get it in earlier

I think I’m too busy this weekend
Sorry @Produk

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Woohoo! For those of you who’d like to enjoy the original project file before I placed it into garageband, here is the project. I trust you all that you’ll enjoy it thoroughly and responsibly. May require adult supervision for those under the age of 14.

Awwwwwww really? I’m almost done with my entry! :open_mouth: :expressionless:

you should still do your entry I’d really like to see it finished, the work in progress you shared on AFS is really good

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Finished! I guess it’s late lol but I really liked how it turned out. Thanks for making an epic song @Produk! xD

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Let me surprise u with a mix

Yo @Produk you should do more of these sounds really fun though I just found this right now xD

Oops forgot to send in my remix is it too late?

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James Lucien won xD
Sweet remix though

Pretty good actually. I really like the chords, and the melody is quite good. Very nice.