Beat the Clock #21

Time to Beat the Clock!

This week’s host is @BSJ who will present the challenge below and pick his favorites on Monday.



Happy Friday, Auxy folks!

It’s that time of year… Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years… and yupp. Thats right. STAR WARS.

In preparation for the Last Jedi coming out in December I have decided for us to get hyped early with a challenge that will test you!

I want you to create a remix of one of three Star Wars themes. Listen to the song, remix it, and post it here. This will be challenging only because you will listen hard at the sounds and rhythms of the instrument rather than looking at a project. (No worries, though, I’ll provide one anyway) :sunglasses:

Here are the three track options:

Duel of the Fates (Darth Maul theme)


Imperial March (Darth Vader theme)


And last but not least, (if you’re confident enough :smirk:) The Star Wars Cantina


The track can be as short as 30 seconds to as long as 3 minutes! If you’re a little under or over by a few seconds, don’t sweat it. All else is fair game!

This challenge can help you grow on how to listen to specific parts in a song as well as make you think differently on how to approach track building. Be creative! Be original! Have fun :slight_smile:

Upload your remix to SoundCloud and paste your submission in this thread.

May the chords be with you.


heck yeah, I am doing the Cantina!


This is already the BEST BTC


Btw, no main theme?

Lol this is awesome! And unexpected. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously. I have so much fun right now just listening to those three choices over and over again!

Couldn’t be happier about this BTC - awesome challenge!! :smiley:

Dang @BSJ did you hear my beat the clock from last time and get inspired? Literally what I did for the btc #20. In case y’all missed it last week here it is;

PS I’ll have to re vamp it for this #21 version

Ohhh yeah sweet challenge man :+1::grin:

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I figured that the main theme is too diverse to be remixed for an EDM genre. Sorry to disappoint :man_shrugging:


I haven’t heard it! Crazy! Can’t wait to hear the revamped version :sunglasses:

Duel of the fates lol.

I did my best, remembering as much of the song as possible from when we used to play it in Pep Band back in high school really helped.


I’m gonna do this one for sure!

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@TheRealJFalc like the chip tune 16 bit thing you did there, sounds like it could be a snes sound track for a phantom menace game even though the movie wasn’t out in the days of super Nintendo

Thanks xD I was really just trying to recreate the same sort of sound I was most familiar with when we used to play the song, The trumpets for the beginning lol and the counter-melody bass in the middle was something that definitely needed to be in there.

Can I change the melody?

As long as you have the main melody in the track, you can change anything!

For example, the verses could have the melody of the original, but the drop can be any melody you want, because it’s your remix.

All in all, I’d like to hear the correct melodies in the track. :+1: