Beam Sound: Issue or Normal?

I noticed something weird about Beam from the Destiny pack and wanted to know if it was something that everyone experienced. In the left ear, it sounds normal, but in the right ear, it sounds like it’s one key higher. Is this just how the sound is?

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omg it does sound like that. that’s odd

it sounds like its on glide or something when its panned.

hmm, not sure. As a frequent Beam user, it could just be that it has lots of voices of unison which are all detuned slightly from one another, and the left ear just happens to have more voices which are pitched up slightly. I am probably completely wrong on this.

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hmm…I used to use beam a lot. Let me see if it’s normal or a glitch.

I think that’s just what the sample for beam they use sounds like… I’m not really sure.