Beach holiday - LilBoi [chill/lofi]

Made another chill/lofi type beat or idk what to call them. When I make a new melody my first tought is allways this would make a good chill type beat. I guess because I have listened a lot of lofi beats from youtube lately and I found this lofi drum beat from one of my older work in progress songs. I really like to use melodic percussion kit too. Go give it a try
Here is the remixed version

Cool track. :ok_hand:

The melody at the beginning sounds a little bit forced, the notes don’t flow together very well. When you bring in the kick, either highpass it or add a bass because kicks without bass don’t do well in the mix alone. Make sure to also add some swing or change up the beat because it doesn’t have enough of a human rhythmic feel. Starting at about 0:30, you are changing the top note of the chord, but when you change it, don’t necessarily repeat the other notes (the bottom two). Make sure to also have some variation with the electric piano chords, otherwise it sounds very robotic.

Overall, while it lacks some arrangement and mixing, not a bad concept! If you improve it make sure to send it to me :slight_smile:

I didn’t notice the repetitiveness of it when I focused on the melodic percussion chords. But when I listened it again I noticed that too that the background beat is bit repetitive and it makes the robotic feeling. I’ll try to improve on that bit. In the lofi beats that i listen there isn’t often any bass only the drum and piano chodrs but I think they change the melody more freely and thats why it doesnt sound robotic.

Sure. You don’t have to have a bass, but if you don’t, highpass the kick so it doesn’t mess up the mix.

Well I did put a small bit (maybe too small) highbass to the whole drum beat including kick and the kick was meant to work bit like a bass because the pitch changes to lower in the middle of the drum loop and if I add too much highbass you can’t hear the pitch change. But I can see that the kick is still maybe too strong if that is what you mean.