Be Yourself - Benzo

Hey everyone! Check out my new song on Spotify:

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It’s a great pop production (demo). (That’s not a criticism. I’d love to see more pop producers here.)

This track is absolutely screeeeeeaming out for a vocal.
As a vocal track, I think it could get some traction.

Maybe pop-folky on the verses, pop-rnb or pop-rock on the chorus.

I strongly recommend hooking up with an acoustic guitarist, maybe on Fiverr, to rerecord the guitar parts (you’ve captured the essence brilliantly, but imo it would benefit from a bit more character in the execution).

And, go hunting for a vocalist/lyricist to work with and turn this into a full song.
A male vocalist is what I was hearing in my head.

Really good piece of work. Well structured with lots of pop appeal.

(If you do attempt to turn into a full vocal track, you might need some restructuring to make space for some standard song parts (first) verse, (first) pre-chorus, etc…

You could possibly extend it another 30 secs (up to around 3:10) without hurting it.

I’m really thankful for your thoughts. This is definitely going to help me in the future. You’re doing a good job! Enjoy your day bro

Might you explore turning it into a full vocal track?

(I’d love to have the chance to remix it or explore it further, if you’d be willing to share the project file.
If so, PM me the link. It would be just to show where the piece could potentially go with some more development.)

I think I’ll make a full vocal track of my next song. I already made the song and it will be great when I make a full vocal track of it. ’

Ofcourse you can remix this song. I’ll send you the project file.

How can I send you a PM tho?

I’m PMed you, as you may not be able to PM others yet (new-ish account).