Bass Song [WIP]

I need help deciding what lead instrument(s) to use and the variations for it. I only have the the original sounds, and a few of the free ones.

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Just getting this post up to most recent again. Most of y’all are just clicking the link and not actually saying anything that could help. I understand if it’s hard and it’s taking a while.


It’s bass that’s for sure, the drum could use less reverb to make them more punchy, I would suggest a replacement for the reverb is some automated distortion.You can also automated the reverb make sure to keep it a way from the kicks(you know this) and the snare as they give a real movement in the mid to high frequency. Giving a sense of movement and giving the kick a different frequency to take up instead of interfering with the bass. Maybe also contrast the bass with a Melody or chord to contrast the bass ( but if you want to keep it in the low frequency make sure there’s ear candy in the high frequency for more dynamics and movement, also for the people who have bad Speakers/headphones/Iem) . The song is a good bass song .let people know if you want them to work on it Collaborate help out , give a direction give

  1. Maybe a reference song
  2. Characteristics of what you want in the song
  3. The genre as well,
  4. Your the director of the song / my personal experience working with people on here, all I want to do is help complete the song but without a direction it becomes hard, so always give direction
    Direction can also be like limitation creates creativity (or something like that) .
    There’s your feedback you asked for , anything else let me know .(by the way, I was just talking out of my a…)
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Here’s my link