Bagpipe Music on Auxy? Yes we can

Realised that GOSSIP sounds like a bagpipe.

I’m not Scottish, but gave it a crack.

Morning Pipe


I used Gossip as a sort of synth bagpipe on this song:

I think it works if you give it space. Or implement it as a melody in a song. Doesn’t work that well on it’s own though.




What soundpack? I was using June[004] as a flute in an Ethno-Trad track this morning. Could pull off an awesome Celtic-Trad Fusion in Auxy.

Anyone found any good fiddle sounds in here?

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This is so dope! :smiley:

Bow. Use a whole lot of pitch bend a little lowpass.

Ah yeah! Its top/formant with a less metallic smoother attack/body could be really realistic. I’m going to go have a play!

Good luck, mate!