Bad SoundCloud Sound Quality (and how to fix)

So for anyone noticing a drop in the quality of your SoundCloud tracks, you’re probably right. Lucky for us, Direct has created a solution (below)

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I haven’t noticed anything yet…hopefully I don’t

Well its not for one specific person, it’s all around. I’d get the extension just in case, doesn’t hurt, but that’s just me

Thanks man, but why did they do it tho?

Well, you effectively cut the amount of data needed to stream in half. Songs are half the file size effectively, so it’s less burden on the SC servers

Kinda feels like the sort of thing that would be implemented as a cost-reduction action after the recent buy-out/ bail-out/financial rescue.

Some commenters have stated that Opus @ 64 is actually better quality than mp3 @ 128 (for lower file sizes).

I don’t know enough about the subject, but it would be a very strange business decision to p**s off every customer, especially paying customers - plus most listeners - by sacrificing audio/service quality so soon after a financial scare that could have spelled the end of the company.

Lol true, that would be a real :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: move.

I’ll be frank I’m not familiar with the format either, but if the file sizes are smaller then I can totally see why they’d use a different format. Hopefully the actual quality isn’t compromised