Backyard Fantasy - By Simon M Harris [Album]

Soooooooo my album is done at last!
So many things have come in between the last two years but I lately got some time to finish it.

It is called Backyard Fantasies and is out now on all major online platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music etc).
Go here for Youtube (it’s a playlist):

I am posting it on this forum because 67% (8 out of 12 tracks) really was done it Auxy. On the Auxy tracks I have exported all the seperate instruments and mixed further in Cubase. (Mods: If you think it is to LITTLE of an Auxy connection, just feel you can take it down, I understand.)


Congrats Simon! Have added the album to my Spotify playlists so I can listen.

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Hey, awesome! Thanks alot :slight_smile: