Backseat Lovin - Tome (Indie Pop)

Hello ! I have a new song ! go check it out on youtube here or on soundcloud here

hope you like it ! tell me your thoughts !

p.s : a music video is coming in the next few days :slight_smile:


This is dope you have a great singing voice :smiley:
I wonder if you want to sing one of my songs one day? :thinking:

thanks ! And sure, im down ! Just dm me at soundcloud anytime :wink:

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Some really good writing.

(Some might see this as a diss, but…) I think it’s a great Auxy piece, but ‘only’ a really good demo, otherwise.
It’s still a bit raw in places and in some aspects. (imo, the vocal production and performances are a little loose.)

I think it could really benefit from some pro engineering and some guidance from a pro producer.
That’s not a diss, but actually a comment on how well constructed the track already is.

I just think it could go to the next level, pro-level, release-ready, from having a pro run their hand over it to fix up the bits that don’t work quite as well as they could/should.

(Hopefully, you’ll take the fact that I’m saying it doesn’t quite yet pro standards as a compliment, because it’s close enough to be thought about in those terms – [rather than simple ‘Auxy’ terms].)

Really good work. :+1: :+1:


Why is this so good.

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Tome brings the noise :slight_smile:

Another really good track. Agreed with AKA, with a little sheen this would go from really good to GREAT. Rivals what I hear on the radio in passing to be honest, but I’ve pretty much always enjoyed your work

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Thanks for this ! hopefully ill be in connection with one, as i try to better myself song after song :slight_smile:

thanks for helping my music be greater !