B.A.S.E.Y - Asis Zinkama (Future House )

Hello guys !
So this is my new product! With the new update, Auxy finally added Vocal, so I tried some sounds to create simple songs with bass like Future House, 3-day integrated melody (I’m a little lazy). I finally finished it! If you listen to it, it will be more like House but it is a new product anyway so please support it!
( Drop in 1:19 )
Link : https://soundcloud.com/d-zinkama/basey
And I still have Tracks if anyone wants to listen: https://soundcloud.com/d-zinkama
My Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/asis_4591/

Thanks man. Im new to this whole thing, actually… I started auxy disco today, so… it encourages me allot. Also I checked out ur sound cloud! It sounds pretty good

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Oooh, I LIKE this! Very catchy!

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Haha ! Thanks a lot ! I had to do a lot to complete it :))