(B.A.D)work in progress, how to get more collaboration?

So recently, I been wanting to do Collaboration with others on this forum, but I have seen there is a small number of people.i was wondering what tips you have for me and other to get people to more likely collaborate. Eg

  1. What genres are easier to collaborate with
  2. How much of you song has to be done
  3. How do you title it on the forum
  4. Any other tips ??

I would think it helps to have the bones or framework of a project already in place. It’s probably best to share it right off the bat so people can hear it and decide if it’s something they also want to work on. It helps if you can classify the work in some kind of genre, or elements of genre (ie, I’m more likely to help on a drum and bass project than trap, for example - everyone has preferences).

There is a work in progress category, usually a song title with some genre tags and WIP/collab in the title is sufficient. I think that’s about it…


Some people here do MEGA collaboration, maybe you can work with them.