AWAY remix contest

I’m challenging you all to remix my track called “AWAY.” All remixes get reposted on my SoundCloud but the winner gets the word “winner” in the title lmao That’s about it lol. Ends on June 20th.

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Only a week?

Not any more lol

Sorry. I made a new track

Someone want to collab?

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Yo this thread is for a remix context

This counts :person_shrugging:t2:

It’s based off the og track so it’s basically a remix I guess

Ay I’m down

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There you go.


May do more on this but…

Can’t u make an album of all the remixes?

Yea good idea

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THEY ARE ALL UPLOADED TO SOUNDCLOUD NOW! CONGRATULATIONS TO @Zepi FOR THE WIN AND @XXAR for 2nd! These were all great submissions! Thank you for participating!

@Kensei @08TO @Chimpan-T @Special

Thank you so much!

I really enjoyed all the other submissions as well!

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It’s didn’t… do anything

Sorry I just tagged everyone