Awakening EP - SUFOS

Hey everyone! My EP is finally out! I really hope that you will enjoy it!
3 brand new tracks, including a remastered version of one of my older tracks!
Comment which track you like the most!

Feedback appreciated!

  • Sofus

Edit: Totally remade the artwork, because i think the other artwork is bad.


Ummm guys? Sorry ive just been working so hard to finally get some new tracks out and then nobody sees.


Guys, just updated the artwork, much more happy with this!

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oh my gosh how has nobody replied yet. let me go listen :joy:

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Great EP dude! Especially Come Back is really cool

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Thanks man!


Hey. Recently, i released my new EP and im very proud of it. But, i hasn’t got nearly as many listens and likes etc. than my other tracks. A lot of people ignored it, and i was really sad, because i put a lot of work into it. I think many people have forgotten about me. I see other peoples track getting loads of feedback, and it makes me sad. Back in the day, when i released tracks they would get hundreds and hundreds of listens. And now, 24 listens on my most listened track in the EP. I know there is a lot of you guys that regularly get this many listens, but for me its nothing (no offense). Hope you guys understand. Please take a listen, it would mean a lot. Thank you for your time.

I feel ya man. It takes time and a lot of work to get noticed sometimes. But you’re definitely in the right track! Love this set. Come Back is my favorite.

i know this isn’t important lol but 3 tracks is considered a single if I’m correct. :wink:

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Thanks, and whoops xD

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If you’re focusing on publicity and listening statistics, you should optimize your means of promoting yourself more so that you can get word about your tracks out there better.

  1. Use the numerous promotional outlets that exist to publicize your music. There are too many ways to promote your music to count. From the numerous repost labels on SoundCloud that allow submissions to the Phuture Collective Feedback Stream (available on their Discord on select days), you can bump up your play and engagement count significantly by utilizing these services to your fullest advantage.

  2. Use a variety of platforms to receive targeted feedback. This doesn’t mean soliciting people to listen to your tracks, but it can be politely asking producers on Discord and/or SoundCloud to give you a bit of feedback on your latest track. It’ll help you improve as well as make people aware of your track.

  3. Consider changing your SoundCloud URL to a more memorable string. For tracks / artists that I listen to frequently, I often just input their track name directly into my URL bar. Can’t really do that with a long string of numbers in your name. It’s a small thing but will help with your overall brand long term.

  4. Understand the correlation between follower count and listening statistics, and gauge audience engagement. Given that you have about a hundred followers, depending on the engagement level of your followers, you can maybe expect 20-70 more plays than you currently have without any sort of promotion but that might be it. If you have previous experience to suggest that your listening audience is generally very engaged, then you can find out why your engagement has dropped. Otherwise, it may give you a bit of insight and perspective into the statistics that you are currently receiving.

Try and get your name out there a bit too. I think I remember seeing you quite a bit around the community a few months ago but haven’t seen you around too often recently. Engaging with the communities that you’re focusing on is a key part of building your brand.


That’s terrific advice. :+1:


This is awesome!!

I swear ive seen that before artwork before though. :thinking:
Maybe on “xx” By The xx. :joy:

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I think I understand.
You want to be disrespectful, but don’t want the people you’re disrespecting to be offended.

Got it. :+1:

#entitledmuch :man_shrugging:

P.S. @Arimyth’s spot on with some great advice. Promotion is a thing and it’s a really good idea to diversify where your audience is, so you’re not subject to the ups and downs of any one community.


Maybe AFS can help :wink:


What’s AFS?

One of the Auxy discord servers

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Oh yeah i know now :wink:

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