Avilion [Collab?]

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anybody would like to collab. I’ve never done anything seriously of the sorts, but I think it would be really fun! Open to anyone and everyone!
Here’s my Soundcloud:

I would love to , few questions

  1. Genre
  2. Favourite artist or artists
  3. Use some sort of social media at to figure of out what we want for the song
    4.who starts the project

Sweet! this is gonna be dope…

  1. we can decide on the genre together, but I’ve been digging the future bass/trap/melodic bass type of vibe.
  2. slumberjack, tices, underscores, droeloe, memba, arty, and jonas aden
  3. you got a discord? CLOME#9152
  4. message me on discord and we can decide there i guess

Ok sounds cool

I can’t seem to find your name :
tom wakeling#9288

Hey, I think we could try something. I already have a couple of ideas in the works, and if you feel comfortable, we could work on them together. My discord, if needed, is Shurr#8706