Auxy's Demo Gorgon


I recently edited Demo Gorgon with few additional instruments, and extended the demo song. Exclusively with the app itself. I really liked the outcome, looking forward to share it online as well. Would it be possible?

Or is there any particular copyrights I should know.

If I could share the edit, how should a proper citing/name be?

Thank you


You would most likely be crediting @Fredrik Gadnell, as he’s the one who writes the songs for the sound packs.

As for the loops, they are all free to use as it is stated in the feed where you obtained the project.

As for sharing it, you can post the project here or upload a render to Soundcloud. Just make sure, if you do post it to SC, that you credit Mr. Fred


Thanks fam


I think the demo somgs are free. Would still publish it as a remix just to be safe tho.


Demo somgs are definitely free ;3

no there’s more to this post than just pointing out a typo hold up fam

Just wanted to clarify that it’s only the soundpack demos are free to use and publish. The featured projects, however, are not free to use in the same way. If you want to use something from those, you’ll need to ask the creator first for permission.



How do I send the track to Mr. G for a quick review?

(On the side note, is there a non-profit label that we can submit to with tracks made via Auxy?)

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You shouldn’t have any problems as long as you don’t sell it. I’m pretty sure Fredrik doesn’t mind. I’ve showed him some of my demo remixes before and he is pretty happy to hear them. He’s a really nice guy :grin:

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Since the loops from the soundpack demos are all explicitly stated to be free to use and include in tracks, I don’t think there’d be any issue with monetization via iTunes and the like.

And you wouldn’t really need to send it in for review, either.

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Yes, there is.

there’s also and