Auxy-Winston remix

Winston.The Auxy song.Everyone who watched Auxy app trailer probably know this song.I created nice remix of that.Hope you enjoy this :grin:

Here’s the my track:

I made a track out of this demo song they made in the earlier versions too!
It was called Smoothie back then I think

How do I get the Winston AXP? I can’t find it on the app.

In the earlier version of Auxy, it was preinstalled as a demo. Idk why they removed the demos though, because I made my first album from those

Unless someone can recreate it then pretty much send you the link of the Auxy project or find someone who has the original project, there’s pretty well no other way to find it.
I could recreate it for you on my iPhone 6, because my iPad 4 has the older version of Auxy, and it has the Winston project. (In the version though, it was named Smoothie Demo or something like that.)


I also have the other demos from the early version of the app on my iPad that can’t get the newer version of Auxy ;-;

I deleted all my demoes. They all got in the way.