Auxy Tutorial Videos


@Produk This isn’t really a tutorial



Hey guys, have you noticed something about today’s rap music? Pointless sentences and pointless meanings. Whatever happened to real rap? You know? Like eminem and 50 cent?

just to clarify, the rap is intentionally supposed to sound stupid so don’t think they’re my actual lyrics :joy: for example “big Shaq”. I would never ever make a song this terrible, it’s just to show you how today’s music is made.


Low key, the track is pretty catchy sans the lyrics :stuck_out_tongue:


You think? And what? Sans?


Scoop de poop


Kanye for president


If the video is explaining the approach, techniques and reasoning used to remix a track, then it’s fine in this topic because it’s sharing knowledge.

Whereas, a remixing video without any explanations wouldn’t belong here.


Yeah that’s true. Tbh I didn’t watch it I just went by the title. But yeah, fair enough


How to make initial D - Running in the 90’s


I hope this helps anyone!


I’ll be doing lots of tips & tricks videos from now on (still doing other videos) What would you like tips and tricks on?


I really enjoyed the WIP section at the end (‘Jealous Dolphin’ was terrific).
You’re a talented songwriter.

I’m not sure I would class this as a tutorial though…?


Will you still be doing genre specific tutorials?


Yeah of course man. Anything your looking for?


It’s a tutorial because I’m teaching u how to make something and giving advice and tips on how to use them effectively :slight_smile:


Thanks man. Yeah the ones with auxy generated names are usually scrap projects. But thanks anyway! I appreciate it.


Perhaps you could have gone into more depth about the chord progression you chose? Or why you picked a particular preset?

Auxy is pretty simple software, so watching you put a few notes in a piano roll and selecting a preset hardly qualifies as a tutorial in my book.

I’m a fan of your previous work, but this one missed the mark for me…


Yeah well it was more tips to make plucks but if it’s HOW to do something it’s classed as a tutorial for me.

I didn’t go in-depth on chords because it wasn’t a chirds focused video, more on the sound and how to use them.

And I did explain why I chose those two presets as they are perfect for any House genre and the way you can tweak them is perfect to make good plucks. But I guess I could of said because of the wave form or whatever.

But thanks for the input.


I’m sure plenty of people will find value from watching you work.

Keep 'em coming.


Well every person is at a different musical level too. I have amateurs, proffesionals and all kinds of levels who watch my channel. But yes thank you! What tutorial would u like to see? Maybe I could please you lol