Auxy Tutorial Videos



Oh whoops. “Trem-elo” I just say it how it’s spelt :man_shrugging:t2:


Hoping to make another video. Any ideas for a good topic? I’m pretty on top of music theory if that’s something y’all want to learn about


How to make atonal auxy music :DD

Maybe make a video centralizing around your chord making process?


Maybe do a video on chords and I’ll shout u out over on my channel too when u do it


A tutorial on sub genres of dnb: neurofunk, liquid, jump up or jungle would be great.

Not enough dnb being made in Auxy imo


It’s a shame that I can’t make up my mind on dnb or the slower paced electronic / Thom Yorke / vocaley stuff I’m dreaming up in my head. Cause lord knows I love em both but they don’t 100% mix very well :pensive:


This is a little off topic, but how do you add the sample from a YouTube video to your auxy samples? Don’t you need to convert it somehow to a wav?


Copy the link, go to a YouTube convert to mp3 website. Download it and chop in ur own time :+1:t2:


Yes please :smile:


kk thanks man :smile:


Hey guys! Just thought I’d let you know that I uploaded a new video to Youtube about Chord Progressions. I tried a more just-start-recording approach, so it would be cool to let me know if you like this style more or if you would prefer it to be more scripted. I also just wanted to say that I’d like to start posting more videos in the future so be on the look-out for more/let me know if you have any feedback!

Thanks guys!


I love it! Great work.


Awesome I will watch this weekend


Or you can legally download it like you’re supposed to


Doesn’t always work for things. For example ambience and what not. Or @INDIR3CT mayonnaise. He would of gotten in from YouTube I’d imagine


This… please guys where possible download only legal samples and tracks


If something is labeled as free to use on youtube, as in the person is giving you permission to legally download a royalty-free sample, you should be fine using said sample through a downloader. Just double-check before you do.

There’s also the position of fair use, where copyrighted materials can be used in a transformative way. I’m no legal expert, but I’d wager that Mayo would possibly fall under fair use. Don’t take my word for it though, especially since it’s viacom who are very very protective of their IP’s and are rather sue-happy.


I’ve found that if you have to resort to using an MP3 downloader, it’s probably not legal. People that want their materials downloaded would make it easier.


Remixing My Viewers #1!