Auxy Tutorial Videos


That makes no sense. It has to be exactly a 9th.


Idk man. It’s just my own terminology I guess


I don’t know how to put this lightly, but this is blatant misinformation. It would probably be best if you read up on some music theory before you start teaching it. I understand that you want to help people out with becoming good musicians, but spreading confusion will hinder your viewers rather than help them down the line. Sorry if I’m being a bit rough :confused:

Seventh chords contain seventh intervals, as do ninth chords with ninth intervals. The examples you showed were either chord inversions of chord voicings. C Eb G Bb is a minor seventh chord (m7), and as such consist of the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th scale degrees in a minor scale. You did do this in your tutorial but didn’t put the name to the right chord correctly. The chord at 0:44 is a seventh chord for sure. The ones you were saying were seventh chords you were only adding notes on lower octaves, giving them more voices (see chord voicings).

I actually really enjoy the chord progression that you made, but it would be much more beneficial if you gave the audience a deeper peek into the processes of making it. Maybe you could have planned an explanation of the roman numeral system, and/or a basic intro into a circle of fifths system to teach how those chords flow from being unresolved to resolving. Your progression for example was i - VI - VII - iv - v (I didn’t include the 7th chords in that - that was the basic gist of it).


This video was titled how to make a chord progression. I didn’t find much of how to make a progression, or why you would use certain chords. I just found a tutorial on how to use different instruments to make it sound better and some chord names that only confused me. When you are doing tutorials next time, think about why you are doing something and try to explain that to your viewers.


Yeah I am still learning the theory but I genuinely thought the a 7th chord meant 4 notes. 9th 5 and etc. but thank u for the input


It was chords AND progressions. In the end I added sounds


I have put down an apology in the comments section which u are free to view. Very embaressing…


I’m gonna have my new mic very very soon.
Expect a video soon.
Maybe on baselines so I can finish up Produk’s Futurebass, or just some shenanigans with the guitars.


Weren’t you planning on releasing a tutorial on Auxy 5? Will you still be doing that?


Maaaybe. I feel like it would be a bit too late as most people would’ve gotten their hands around the new UI and stuff, but I might. I have a script for it somewhere, my main issue is that the content in the video is sort of outdated? idk


And others have already made one such as myself.


How to use the basics of AUXY (For Beginners)


consistent content amirite


awesome! i’ll check that out soon


maybe consistent content


Pretty helpful!



face reveal :0


really helpful though. where’d you get the hey sample from, if you’re ok with sharing?


Your thumbnails are the best